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The Continent

Vorschaubild (http://1602-szenarien.annoarchiv.de/minimap/thecontinent.gif)

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Marinescu Florin

Spieleranzahl: Zwei (kampf)
Größe: 291 KB
Datum: 2007
Startkapital: 40000
Ziel: ~Stadt mit 300 Aristokraten errichten
~Spieler nach Wahl und die Piraten vernichten
~Gesamtbilanz von 600 Talern erzielen
~Handelsbilanz von 200 Talern erzielen
~Monopol auf Tabak und Kakao erlangen
Bemerkung: Auch als 3er und 4er Version verfügbar

T here is one big continent in this world and four countries are fighting for supremacy for years. Lead your people to succes and richness by achieving aristocrats level (get 300 aristocrats). Get a positive balance of 600 coins and a positivie trade balance of 200 coins. Conquer one player at your choice to gain some extra space to develop. With so many defenses this is not an easy task. Prove your enemies you are the best by setting up a monopoly on cocoa and tobacco on the map. This means to control all the islands with 100% cocoa and tobacco (including here the continent). This sea is haunted by bands of angry pirats, give them the final blow and remove their nests from the map. Hints: Pirates sell weapons, gold, and many other things, natives sell tobacco, spices and gold. There are five pirats nests on the map so you need to pay them five times to leave you in peace.
Good luck!
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