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The Monopoly

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Marinescu Florin

Spieleranzahl: Zwei (friedlich)
Größe: 36 KB
Datum: 2007
Startkapital: 20000
Ziel: ~Stadt mit 1000 Einwohnern, davon 300 Aristokraten errichten
~Kakaomonopol erlangen
Bemerkung: Auch als 3er und 4er Version verfügbar

Y ou and your three competitors leave the continent and search for a new home in the new world. After a long journey on sea you find a chain of islands but you and your fellows are dissapointed as the major islands are not fertile enough and the other islands are too little to build a city on them. You have no choice but to settle here as your food and water supplies are about to end. Anyway seems to be no other land on this big sea... so be happy with what you get. Every player can get one specific resource on the little islands sourrounding his major island, the northern islands offer tabbaco and sugarcane and the southern islands offer spices. You can set up a monopoly on your resource if you want. In these conditions it's hard to build a city with 1000 inhabitants, 300 of them to be aristocrats. You can find cocoa land in the middle of the map, show your competitors that you're powerfull and establish a monopoly on all the cocoa production. Don't let others get cocoa unless they are buying from you. This means you need to settle all the island with full cocoa on them. If you need gold to get aristocrats you can find a gold mine on the pirats island but it's defended with towers.. you need to remove the pirats first from that place to get the gold. The pirats island offer 100 % cocoa production, but you don't need to destroy the pirats, it's enough to build a warehouse on the free space of their island for the monopoly to work. If you need weapons you can buy them from the pirats later in the game, they also sell gold and jewellery but in small quantities. Anyway this gold and jewellery provided by the pirats are enough to get the 300 aristocrats nedeed in the scenario goal.
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