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Speed to Citizenship

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Spieleranzahl: Zwei (friedlich)
Größe: 23 KB
Datum: 2006
Ziel: -Stadt mit 2000 Bürgern errichten
Bemerkung: Auch als 4er Version erhältlich

T his is a speed race to the finish... both players need 2000 inhabitants and 2000 citizens no balance needed just straight population... only one island but its a northern island so you can get to citizens with it... two ore mines one on either end and thats where the ships are started too on opposite sides of the island...(Caution there are pirates and they reappear also I put a lot of tools in two ships)... one ship has tools and wood and food like normal the other has nothing but tools so that you can get the deep ore mine as soon as possible to get the rest of the citizens in... and also Volcanoes do erupt and there is at least one i think.. the island I choose was one of the very biggest Islands and its the one that has the mountain range going in the middle of the it...

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