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The Rich Man

Vorschaubild (http://1602-szenarien.annoarchiv.de/minimap/therichman.gif)

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Marinescu Florin

Spieleranzahl: Zwei (kampf)
Größe: 47 KB
Datum: 2007
Startkapital: 20000
Ziel: ~Stadt mit 1000 Einwohnern, davon 300 Aristokraten errichten
~Stadt mit 500 Einwohnern, davon 300 Bürger errichten
~Spieler nach Wahl und die Piraten vernichten
~Monopol auf Kakao und Tabak erlangen
Bemerkung: Auch als 3er und 4er Version verfügbar

A fter some dubious business on the continent you realize that you're bankrupt. You decided to search for a better luck in the new world with a few friends. You have money to buy just two small ships with some tools, wood and food. Now you're ready to go. Oh man.. that is a hard trip .. tornados, sea monstrers, plague.. after a month of travel over the infinite sea you finally find land. Not a very good land as the major islands are deserted and nothing will grow on them but your mans beg you to settle here and they don't want to explore further that sea. That seems to be the only land on the entire sea so you decided to built a colony here. You need money, you want to become a rich man, so you're planning to erect two cities, one of them with 1000 inhabitants and 300 aristocrats another with 500 inhabitants and 300 citizens. This is not an easy task because some crude and greedy competitors shows up here in the same time. They are aggresive against you and full of envy so you decided to teach them a lesson. Establish a monopoly of cocoa and tobacco so your competitors can't reach the aristocrats status whithout your consent. That means to build a warehouse on every 100 % cocoa and tobacco island on the map. In the region also a band of angry pirats shows up and build a base in the middle of the map. From this strategic place they controll all sea trafic and seems to never let you in peace. Destroy their base and get the gold mine on their island. In order to become a rich man you need to have a positive balance of 200 coins. Show the world you know how to trade and get a positive trade balance of 100 coins. Your agressive neighbours never let you leave in peace so conquer one of them at your choice, maybe this way the others will become afraid of you and stop their attacks.
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