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Tiers Of Joy

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Phillip the Great

Spieleranzahl: Zwei (kampf)
Größe: 479 KB
Datum: 2005
Startkapital: 20000
Ø Bewertung [1]: 6
Ziel: -Stadt mit 1500 Einwohnern, davon 100 Aristokraten errichten
-12 Marktplätze errichten
-Spieler nach Wahl vernichten
Bemerkung: Thanks to Alexander the Great (of Brazilian fame) for teaming up with me on testing and allowing me to bounce ideas off of him. He and Dobber (Stephen) are amazing Brothers in Christ. My life would not be the same without them. Them working with me shows how great things workout when people cooperate. Thank you guys for "running the race" and "fighting the good fight" with me.

N ow, this scenario is a PERFECT skills vs. skills scenario for two players. Its a 1602 game where nothing is left to chance. It is based on old classic Tiered board games. The "Board" is split in two and both players have exactly the same islands and resources. This is definitely not designed as a beginner's or average player's scenario, but it could turn patient beginner/average players into very good players by the end. So, I encourage you to download it and play with someone of your level of play. Be prepared for a long game and save often. But, it was designed as a scenario for more experienced players. You must work your way down the tiers and eventually at the bottom, the game is won.
T his scenario does not work out well as a war scenario against the other human player. If you want an incredibly challenging version of this scenario for war, look very soon for Tiers of War. Also, I have designed another version that becomes pretty intense for one player called Tiers of Frustration.
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