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My Lifes Work 1

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Stephan Gerner / Phillip the Great

Spieleranzahl: Eins (kampf)
Größe: 155 KB
Datum: 2004
Schwierigkeit: 3
Ziel: Chapter 1: "First Steps" (1598)
-Build a city with 1500 inhabitants
-Total balance must be 500
Chapter 2: "Alone Among Strangers"
-First city with 2000 aristocrats
-Second city with 400 aristocrats
-Defeat any player
-Total balance must be 1000
Chapter 3: "Under the Black Flag" (1614)
-Defeat the blue and yellow player
-Total balance must be 4000
Chapter 4: "A Charming Escape" (1615)
-First city with 3000 inhabitants
-Get the gold monopoly
Chapter 5: "The Examination of the Prince"
-First city with 400 aristocrats
-Defeat the blue and white player
-Total balance must be 800
-Trade balance must be 80
Bemerkung: Chapter 1: First Steps
Max three ships
Chapter 2: Alone Among Strangers
Max ten ships
Chapter 3: Under the Black Flag (1614)
Max seven ships
Chapter 4: A Charming Escape (1615)
Max five ships
Chapter 5: The Examination of the Prince
Max three ships
Original third party campaign by St. Gerner and translated by Phillip the Great

orleft Chapter 1 orright

"First Steps" (1598)

M y son, your father - the king of Annotolie - said at your 14 birthday, you are now old enough! I give to you a ship and some building materials! Thus can you break open and will be order to live your own life! For the beginning I recommend the unexplored island in the Northeast to you. There I actually had wanted to develop a further commercial post, but now, you are more important to me! Reign loosely, in order to establish a small city with 1,500 inhabitants, and gain a balance of 500 coins! If you have success, then I will give you my second ship also, so that you can move on into completely different waters! Should you fail however, do not dare to ever come under my watchful eyes again!

orleft Chapter 2 orright

"Alone Among Strangers" (1602)

Y our father was not terribly astonished, as you showed you could achieve the work. And He held to His promise: He actually gives you his second ship! Thus you cruise away now, into completely new waters. Two cities - one with 2,000 Aristocrats, the other one wth 400 of those - as well as a balance of 1,000 coins monthly for the goal to be made. And amusingly: Somehow you completed the mark more easily than thought and are parting for home before four years... Soon you determine, that you are not alone here: Three other princes are on the way also, in order to open new areas. Surely, with them trade can be carried on well, but nevertheless you want at least one of them destroyed. Furthermore you have a bad feeling, this time you'll discover Pirates...

orleft Chapter 3 orright

"Under the Black Flag" (1614)

T welve long years you built and placed a large and outstanding metropolitan city on its legs. Dealers came from all corners and ends of the world, because you possessed one of the most important commercial posts. You could deal Spices, Cocoa, Clothes, Gold Jewelry, Weapons... briefly: with everything! But unfortunately wealth does not only bring joy. This reality came November 6, 1614, the coldest day of the year. In the morning-grey the horn-blower blew the alarm. Strange Pirates from a completely different area, obviously interested in your success, shot continuously at your offices.

Y ou ran immediately outside, in order to ask for the leader, most wanting to ask him, what the attack had to mean. "That is simple," the Cap'n Blackblood said, "we want someone to enrich no matter how! Join us therefore, or we will destroy your city!" The Pirates were far in the majority and with strategic ambushes could well enough do it and throw you out, therefore nothing remained for you to say. Your eyes connected and you were led on board a ship. When you removed the one eye bandage, you stood together with Blackblood at a port. "So," Blackblood said, "this dump and this small ship belong to you! Step into our services! Providing for it, that we have monthly incomes of 4,000 coins and you destroy everyone, that should dare, to base in our area any new settlements! So that you do not come on stupid thoughts, we forbid you to produce weapons and soldiers here! If you should dare nevertheless, to again set against us, then you are with the devil!" What other choice remains for you? You must obey Blackblood for the time being! But, you do not do so gladly...!

orleft Chapter 4 orright

"A Charming Escape" (1615)

A nd then you did it! You opposed Cap'n Blackblood! You tried to destroy his ships and fortress in order to make it innocuous, but it was too strong! And the same day the moved threw you into prison, comdemned to death... In the prison you met another prisoner, who was likewise condemned to death. With him you began a small discussion of experiences, that there was a possibility to quickly get away, but that this could not possibly be accomplished. "Nevertheless you say!" called you, "I can try it!"

T he prisoner: "Well now you must... Oh condemned! The guards come! Try to live, Friend!" You: "Stop! As I am from here..." The prisoner: "I'll write it out fast!" You: "Great idea, but, if the note ends up in the guard's warring hands? Then...!" The prisoner: "No problem, I"ll use cryptograph! ... Here, please!" You: "Aha... and one decodes it how..." The prisoner: "That is easy! It..." Guards: "Prisoners! Come along!" And then he was hung. Suppressing the tears with deep emotion you wait for the exact hour, in order to break out. Without knowing what is to be done, because the note is really written in good cryptograph!

orleft Chapter 5 orright

"The Examination of the Prince"

W ith full pleasant anticipation on seeing again the homeland you fall into the magic gate. And actually: You landed in the area of your father! Immediately the instruction was given "full strength ahead!", in order to be as fast as possible with it. A huge surprise awaits you, as His offices are perfectly destroyed and his city - on pioneer status - found to have become extinct. Then a man was noticed by you walking back and forth. You asked you: "Hey! Sir, coincidentally, do you know what happened here?" The man: "You, Prince? Oh, I am so glad, that you are here again! Your father has died while you stayed away, therefore there was no one to inherit it!"

Y ou: "So? But, I am nevertheless here again now!" The man: "May be, but unfortunately too late! The emperor has already decided, to draw lots for this realm - thus your father's - in a fair match! I am afraid, if you want to have it, you must win this match!" You: "Because of this I become emperor... oh, It doesn't matter, I am too sad in order to excite me! Tell me, what is to be done in this match?"

T he man: "Now, it is only natural that you know first since you are the only survivor. The first to fill 10 houses completely with Aristocrats and gain a balance of 800 pieces of gold coins, a tenth of it in trade. ... I believe, a starting point has not been assigned yet! I think that you can have it!"
You: "Now, then I must be on my way! Thanks for having the information!"
The man: "Glad you happened by! Oh, I wish so much that you win, we could well use as a friendly king as you..."

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