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Holy Smoke

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O h, what happened? Your nice little settlement of happy drunks has been taken over by religious zealots. One church after the other took away precious real estate. Once a haven for happy-go-lucky tavern patrons (your settlers were boozing every night at the many corner taverns), your settlement has become a trist and sad place of worship and superstition. Even the few surviving natives are experiencing the mighty sword of missionaries.

Y our once thriving entertainment business is in a deep slump since the pious crowd devoted all their energy to stop the import of booze. Your treasurer, a devilish looking guy, leaves you only two choices: 1. Go after those religious fanatics and cut your expenditures to a sustainable minimum.
2. Get your entertainment industry back into shape.

O ne of your administrators also hinted something about a possible conflict with your constitution. Cut your connections with parochial schools and erect your secular school and university. Start teaching evolution instead of cretinism. You only succeed if you build a modern infrastructure for your people. Raise taxes as necessary to fund your education system and set aside a larger sum for road paving and the environment. Build a public park where natives and your settlers can enjoy nature. Don't proselitize the natives! Leave them as innocent as possible!

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