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Starting over 2

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Spieleranzahl: Eins (kampf)
Größe: 33 KB
Datum: 2005
Schwierigkeit: 3
Ziel: -Stadt mit 3500 Aristokraten errichten
-Alle Spieler und die Piraten vernichten
-Die Gesamtbilanz sollte 7000 Taler betragen

O h my! You had settled on an island in what looked to be a promising chain. What you did not know was that this chain of islands is a favorite of pirates, they like to come here to bury their treasure.

O ne day you spotted a pirate ship on the horizon, it was headed toward your settlement. Your settlement is young and no weapons workshops have been constructed! The people are frightened of facing the pirates with the limited weapons on hand and many turn against you for your failure to protect them. When coming into range the pirates start shelling your settlement, your warehouse and markeplace are in flames, many homes are destroyed. The longboats are lowered and fill with pirates. In the midst of chaos, you grab your bag of gold and you and a small party of men board your ship and cast off, the rest are joining the ranks of pirates on shore.

J ust as your sails are filling with wind, cannons speak and your vessel takes a hit in the hull just above the water line. They do not pursue, most of the crew being ashore. Your men attempt to repair the hole, but all they can do is plug it with canvas. Maybe if the waters stay calm you can make it to another island and repair the ship. During the night the seas got rough, water seeps around the plug. As day breaks you spot a tiny island, but your ship is riding low in the water. Before clearing deep water the plug pops out and you and your men scramble into a dinghy and paddle for shore.

Y ou find an abandoned "empty" warehouse and an ore smelter on this island. The smelter's presence is puzzling. You have your bag of gold, and you hang out a flag to attract freetraders and then devise a strategy to rise above your current situation! You vow to even the score with the pirates by driving them from the region. And to punish those who turned against you, you decide to wipe out every settlement they start here. To establish your reign, you must build a settlement with 3500 Aristocrats and achieve an overall balance of 7000 coin. But for now you are "Starting Over"!

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