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South Atlantic

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Spieleranzahl: Eins (kampf)
Größe: 298 KB
Datum: 2002
Schwierigkeit: 3
Ziel: -Stadt mit 1000 Einwohnern, davon 400 Aristokraten errichten
-Stadt mit 200 Bürgern errichten
-Stadt mit 100 Siedlern errichten
-Piraten vernichten
-Dem weissen Spieler zu 500 Einwohnern, davon 250 Kaufleute verhelfen

B rave men have failed before...
In the South-Atlantic, far out of reach of common sailors, lies a hidden group of islands. Riches abandon, spices and gold are said to be found here. But cruel pirates have killed the first pioneers who had built a settlement in the archipelago. A group of merchants and noblemen have urged thee to sail there once more, to found a city for 1000, at least 500 of them should be aristocrats. A smaller town should provide for 200 citizens and a village for 100 settlers. And thee must revenge the slaundered, hunt and defeat George Warrior, the cruel pirate who lives in the soutern parts of those lands, along with the other scum of the seven seas. Thou should help thy friend with the white flag, to achieve a settlement for 500 people, amongst them at least 250 merchants. So you left home, with 3 large ships and plenty of brave men. But a gale has sunk one of your ships and a large part of the cargo and the arms are lying at the bottom of the ocean. Even the two proud ships still under your command are damaged and have lost part of their arms and cargo.

T raders do not visit these pirate-forsaken corners of the ocean. The native tribes however are friendly and can provide you with valuable goods And as the story goes, brave pioneers are said to have escaped the cruel Warrior George and to be hiding deep in the forests of the large island in the nort, along with the valuables they could save. So find the old settlement of Kingstown and make it thrive again.

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