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Peace and Honor return

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Phillip the Great

Spieleranzahl: Eins (kampf)
Größe: 90 KB
Datum: 2005
Schwierigkeit: 4
Ziel: -Stadt mit 1000 Aristokraten errichten
-Alle Gegner und die Piraten vernichten

O ld, exhausted from extensive wars, and haunted by dibilitating scars, aches and pains of a lifetime dedicated to the faithful expansion of your King. You're granted a large severance and a favorable island chain of your own to enjoy in retirement, free of your past enemies. Even traders respect your privacy. Wonderful harmony and peace abound as you and your new friends, the native Indian tradesmen that inhabit the surrounding islands, enjoy life in quiet tranquility. Over time you realize this island paradise just isn't home without your old and dear family and friends. With help from the natives, you develop your islands to support your loved ones and offer them respite with you. Now sporting a very nice, but quite enviable city, you lean back to relax and lavish yourself with the luxuries in the much deserved world of this isolated Utopia. But wait. It has been days since you've seen the captains or ships that trade with the native islands for your extra supplies to keep the Aristocratic lifestyle in place. Now, a report from the miners. Your gold mine has disappeared. Suddenly, a breathless watchman runs to you from the mountaintop lookout, screaming that he's seen the horrifying truth. Your life-long enemies have come for revenge on you. They have destroyed the native villages. Tragically, killing the natives induced a curse, destroying all gold mines in the area, including yours. Your people have angrily downgraded to Merchant status as you had to level your theater,college, etc. to make room for farmlands. Only 2 distant tiny islands may have escaped the curse or habitation. You're hopeful. You mumble, "strange", when he reveals that all the native islands have been resettled by the enemy, but signs show that there are no enemy ships to be seen. Wait ... "Pirates ... to war!", you bellow. You must react quickly to annihilate every invader before they can develop and overtake your paradise. Return your city to 1,000 Aristocrats for peace and honor to return.

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