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Development Race

Vorschaubild (http://1602-szenarien.annoarchiv.de/minimap/developmentrace.gif)

tl Idee & Erstellung tr

Marinescu Florin

Spieleranzahl: Eins (kampf)
Größe: 55 KB
Datum: 2007
Schwierigkeit: 1
Startkapital: 10000
Ziel: -Stadt mit 1500 Einwohnern, davon 300 Aristokraten errichten
-Piraten vernichten

I n this scenario every player get an northern island. Two of these northern islands have sugarcane and the others tho have tabacco. In the middle of the map is a big southern island with spices, cotton and gold. All players are suposed to fight for it later in the game. Anyway you can build your city on this island if you want. Be fast and get 1500 people, 300 of them must be aristocrats before the other competitors. There are some angry pirats on this map, they sell a lot of usefull things later in the game but you must remove them from the map in order to win this.

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