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Two against the odds

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Phillip the Great

Spieleranzahl: Zwei (kampf)
Größe: 262 KB
Ziel: -Zwei Städte mit jeweils 5000 Aristokraten errichten
-Den weißen und den gelben Spieler und die Piraten vernichten
-Den Mitspieler zu 2500 Aristokraten verhelfen

I n this world of upside down climates and one-sidedness, the two of you must succeed together in destroying every other force on the islands and possessing their lands as your own, laughing as the evil kings and their men beg you to save them from the depths of their sinking vessels and destroyed empires. In addition, you must EACH build two capital cities inhabited by no less than 5,000 Aristocrats per settlement and help your fellow traveller make it to at least 2,500 Aristocrats. You must prove your respect for the King's money by making the settlements so successful that you are able to return the 30,000 gold that he has invested in your venture! Your failure in any aspect of this assignment will spell certain death for all of your family under the King's thumb and a solitary prison sentence far worse than death for yourselves! The rats shall feed on your living carcass! Your success means the horrible death of thousands in this island chain! You have no choice, the orders have been written! Obey or suffer!

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