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Who will win

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Spieleranzahl: Eins (kampf)
Größe: 207 KB
Datum: 2000
Schwierigkeit: 3
Ziel: -Stadt mit 1500 Einwohnern, davon 1000 Aristokraten errichten
-Stadt mit 1000 Kaufleuten errichten
-Stadt mit 900 Einwohnern, davon 600 Kaufleute errichten
-Den blauen Spieler vernichten
-Dem gelben Spieler zu 500 Kaufleuten verhelfen
-Gesamtbilanz von 30000 Talern erzielen

Y ou Arrive home after you have completed your last assignment... Tired and rundown but your king has a surprise for you..... Yes he has another assignment for you to complete.... He has heard that your old foe has built an empire in a chain of very fertile islands... Your King is disappointed that you missed your chance and wants you to build 3 settlements.... The first of which needs to have a population of 1,500 of which 1,000 need to be Aristocrats... The second Island needs to have a population of 1,000 with all being Merchants.... The third needs a population of 900 with 600 being Merchants.... But the bad news is The Islands that are left are not very fertile.... Your old foe is going to make your life here very hard and You will have to run him out of this area to complete your task... Your king has also demanded that you have a overall balance of 30,000 gold coins... So you set out to complete your task, when in the distance you see a ship from your king... on board the ship is a message saying he has an old friend in the area that you are to assist.... The yellow player needs to reach a population of 500 merchants with your help.... well the king is not making you life any easier and you will need a good holiday when all this is over......

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