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The Big Leagues

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tl Idee & Erstellung tr

Nathan C.

Spieleranzahl: Eins (kampf)
Größe: 104 KB
Datum: 2006
Schwierigkeit: 2
Ziel: -Stadt mit 2500 Aristokraten errichten
-Den gelben Spieler vernichten
-Gesamtbilanz von 1000 Talern erzielen

A fter a long voyage, you have come across an island chain unlike one you have ever seen before. Plentiful resources make this a great place for a settlement, and apparently your opponent thinks so as well. A previous explorer has settled 2 of the large islands and has been able to get a postive bank balance, but has died of a mysterious illness. You must know take his place and build your colony to house 2500 'Aristocrats' on your main island. In addition, you must destroy your enemy at all costs and claim the island chain for yourself! Pirates may also cause a problem, so they must also be destroyed!

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