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Ships in the Distance

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Phillip the Great

Spieleranzahl: Eins (kampf)
Größe: 40 KB
Datum: 2004
Ziel: -Stadt mit 100 Aristokraten errichten
-Spieler nach Wahl und die Piraten vernichten

Y ou depart sure of your journey. But, you have been sent on a mission destined to result in your doom, succeed in aquiring royalty. Anything less than 100 Aristocrats will result in imprisonment or worse. Simple, right?

Y ou felt an eerie forboding when the wives of your crews burst into wailing tears of fear as your ships left port. You had to be wrong when you thought someone in the crowd whispered, "No one goes there. The area is too sparse for any trade routes." and that, "No one has ever returned from there." You remain confident.

Y our men are thrilled once at sea, when they discover that someone has hidden a ton of spices and cocoa in the hulls of your ships. You on the other hand, wonder why? Putting two and two together, you realize you must prohibit the rare cargo from being consumed by your crew, although a ton of each will never attain 100 Aristocrats. So, what purpose could they have? Possibly seeds for seedlings, or grafts of them into another species may be necessary. Why would that be the case? Will you or your crew figure it out, or find the rest of the items needed to succeed? Put simply, go to this region, eliminate the king's enemy (who has sworn to destroy you at all costs) and who is utterly relentless, defeat possible pirates and find a way.

A s you enter the region all hell breaks loose. A hurricane complete with water spout forces your ships horribly off course, one of your crow's nests yells the pirates apparently did appear and may have already attacked. At least one or two ships and crews seem to be lost forever. The other nest claims what ships are visible appear in the far distance as mere specks and are unidentifiable. Will you be able to navigate an area similar to what will in the future be known as a place of unexplainable disappearances and phenomenon called the "Bermuda Triangle". "He said Pirates, Captain? Umm, where did all our weapons disappear to, Sir?"

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