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Revenge is Mine 1

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Spieleranzahl: Eins (kampf)
Größe: 114 KB
Datum: 2000
Schwierigkeit: 2
Ziel: -Stadt mit 500 Einwohnern, davon 300 Siedler errichten
-Piraten vernichten
-Gesamtbilanz von 500 Talern erzielen
-Handelsbilanz von 50 Talern erzielen

O h, your task is clear. Through hard work and sacrifice, you succeeded in building a great city for your King. No sooner could you afford to sit back and relax than your two most trusted Cavalrymen raided your vault and made off with almost half of your gold. This gold formed part of your treasure for the King and must be recovered. Not only that, but the two scoundrels must be brought to justice to serve as an example to all who may even contemplate robbing you. You are not alone, however, Three of your Competitors have heard about your misforture and are determined to beat you to the prize in order to gain back the King's favor.

T o finance your search, you must build 2 settlements. Both must have a population of at least 500 people with at least 300 of these having reached "Settler" status. In addition you must have an Overall positive balance of at least 500 gold with a positive Trade Balance of at least 50 gold. Oh, alas, where do I start? Did the Pirates organize this raid? Have the men joined Native tribes to wait for me to leave the area? Or are my Competitors harbouring these criminals? Oh well, on with the search. I must find the missing 20 ton of gold and fast!!

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