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One Rival too many

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tl Idee & Erstellung tr

Nathan C.

Spieleranzahl: Eins (kampf)
Größe: 15 KB
Datum: 2006
Schwierigkeit: 2
Ziel: -Stadt mit 3000 Einwohnern, davon 2500 Aristokraten errichten
-Spieler nach Wahl vernichten
-Gesamtbilanz von 100 Talern erzielen

H earing of your successes in the New World, your king has assigned you a difficult task. You are to settle an island chain rich in resources and with plenty of islands, however, three other rivals have also found this very same island chain. Find the best island to settle before your opponents grab a foothold on the best of the islands. At first, everyone is happy with each other, but as demands grow and islands are needed to supply larger settlements, these feelings are exinguished, and anger erupts. While developing your settlement into 2500 Aristocrats, you must defend yourself against rowdy rivals, and defeat one of them once and for all. Pirates have been also spotted in this area, although thier location in the island chain is unknown. Prove yourself worthy and complete this task!

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