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Kings Gambit

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Phillip the Great

Spieleranzahl: Eins (kampf)
Größe: 196 KB
Datum: 2004
Schwierigkeit: 4
Ziel: -Stadt mit 2500 Aristokraten errichten
-Zwei Städte mit jeweils 10 Pionieren errichten
-Eine t Schmuck einlagern
-Alle Gegner und die Piraten vernichten
-Monopol auf Wein und Kakao erlangen
Bemerkung: Nach einer Vorlage von Lindes "Königin Gudrun"
Keine militärischen Gebäude

I know someone can build an empire from nothing! Is it you & is it possible? Can you prove it? I have no building material, & 1 ton of food left. I'm a King, ravaged by the cruel Pirate Ruthless Jim & my neighbors. The clergy forbad further military growth & is all that saved us. I've lost everything, even the mere 500 coins I saved for my people. My neighbors have chosen not to help me or my impoverished island, because I have nothing to offer their greedy hands. I lose more money every day. I've put this note in a bottle pleading for help or at least rescue. My lone guard hides, eating bananas & coconuts among natives, & refuses to return alone. I have no wealth to offer, a tiny ship to sail the seas, and my 1 guard, if you can find him. I'm a man of peace, but at a loss, and will leave war and strategy to you. My people will start a sheep farm & hunt to try to help you with food & cloth to stay warm.

Y our heart is moved by this loving & gentle man who has been so terribly disrespected. You accept this quandry, completely unsure how you can make a difference. Your heart says you must give such a tender & humble man back his dignity. You take your command off the coast of an Indian harbor known as Akuma Copez. After consulting an old chieftan who is angered by the story, he helps you by having a volcanic curse attack Ruthless Jim's Pirate hideout which destroys much, but not all of Jim's brutal world. You must get to the King's home on Linde's Harbor before it is too late!

Y ou will be content only when you reach 2500 Aristocrats, a port everywhere, the Triumphal Arches (the cursed one can't be set) to adorn his shores & a Palace to show your loyalty to His Majesty.

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