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Death becomes you

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Phillip the Great

Spieleranzahl: Eins (friedlich)
Größe: 27 KB
Datum: 2005
Schwierigkeit: 4
Ziel: -Stadt mit 10 Aristokraten errichten
Bemerkung: Joe's Smallville (160 Siedler) in der Hardcore-Version

C aptain!, your first mate screams, awakening you horribly from a contented sleep.
_ What you scurvy low-life, I should hook you for waking me that way, you mutter.
_ I've had a dream of the King and his advisor, Lord Sear!", he continues, You must listen, Please!
_ Ready to skewer him like a pig for his insolence, you restrain yourself to hear him out.
_ You Pirate Scum,
You dare break into the Treasury, rob us of a fortune, steal the Queen's jewels, steal her favorite ships and slaughter their crews, launch a rampage on the city to raid the storehouses of the city's poor ... all in the dead of night and then think you can just escape? You will find that time will not serve you well. Hidden in one of the ship's hulls lies death. Bodies of those with the plague had lain there and it had not yet been sterilized. Since you know not which ship it is, you can't sink it to survive. You will find no safe harbor. I know the way you fled. Only one isle exists that you might reach before you all begin to perish. You will find you must be creative to survive there. You will never afford a cure until a Professor of medicine has had time to acquire the proper herbs from the Merchants you must grow and you have attained the Status of King to pay for the research and cure. From Pirate who steals from the Aristocrat to becoming an Aristocrat to avoid the death you so richly deserve. May your agony and isolation be as sad as you have made the Queen."

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