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A sad Christmas

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Spieleranzahl: Eins (kampf)
Größe: 481 KB
Datum: 2002
Ziel: -Stadt mit 2000 Einwohnern, davon 1000 Aristokraten errichten
-Zwei weitere Städte mit jeweils 500 Einwohnern, davon jeweils 200 Kaufleute errichten
-Den blauen Spieler und die Piraten vernichten
-Dem weissen Spieler zu 250 Kaufleuten verhelfen

A sad Christmas in the South-Atlantic...

P roblems are many in early December in the old city of Kingstown. Several ships have been sunk by strong gales, which also caused substantial damage to your harvest. A mysterious disease has caused all your wood suppies and forests to rot away, the pirates have returned and are hassling you again. They even came ashore this time and robbed you of valuable supplies. No clothing or jewelry for christmas, no wine or rum, no christmastrees, hardly any food, the colonies are in a poor state. Your good connections to the natives are even more valuable now: the Chief of the friendly Inkas who lived in Tenochtitlan and his medicine-man have shown you how to prevent the wood-disease in future, so you can reforest your islands. And Santa Claus has helped by getting some goodies in his "wheeled sledge".

B ut a lot remains to be done: You should hunt down and destroy the dreadful pirates, develop Kingstown into a city for 2000, amongst them at least 1000 aristocrats. Two other towns should be a home for 500, 200 merchants amongst them. And finally help the friendly Inka's and free their lands Tenochtitlan and Zihuatenecho from the cruel occupants who have destroyed most of their houses and occupied their land. Defeat this cruel dictator and his other islands you may settle on.

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