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Brink of Destruction

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tl Idee & Erstellung tr

Hobo Luke

Spieleranzahl: Eins (kampf)
Größe: 43 KB
Datum: 2006
Schwierigkeit: 3
Ziel: -Drei Mitspieler müssen vernichtet werden

Y our mission, Captain Bloody Gutz, is to out-survive and destroy all the other colonies. Why the King would want to control this barren island chain with very limited resources and teaming with volcanic activity is not known. Perhaps he has sent you out to test of both your fighting and survival skills against other equally capable enemies. Prepare to live constantly on the brink of destruction.
The king has told you, "Put your affairs in order and prepare your final will before you depart". Take that advice as a serious warning. Your ship is entering dangerous waters, Captain!

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