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The Zambutu Trance

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tl Idee & Erstellung tr


Spieleranzahl: Eins (kampf)
Größe: 564 KB
Datum: 2003
Schwierigkeit: 2
Ziel: -Stadt mit 4000 Einwohnern errichten
-Gelben Spieler vernichten
-Handelsbilanz von 700 Talern erzielen
-Tabakmonopol erlangen

T rue story
In ancient times, the tribes of the Zambutu,which were located in the lower americas, used cerimonial patterns on their land, to ask the gods to bring in a good harvest. This, in most cases, did work, and the people of the Zambutu traded theses goods to rich english men who came from the upper americas. The Zambutu were the richest people in the lower americas by the late 1500's. When the Zambutu placed these patterns, they did it so intricately and so finely, that other english men have been unable to replicate it. The designs were so mesmerizing, it was said that the english men that saw it, went into a trance and walked themselves off a cliff, into their deaths.

T his story was said to be "just a story", and was "not to be taken literally" said by Alberture Walkins of the French 16th regiment, in the early 1600's.

Y ou have taken it litterally, and have set out to the lower americas to see them for yourself. Along the way you meet up with some old freinds, and have agreed to take part in this journey together. When you got there, and took in the site, you did indeed go into a trance, and have been under control of the Zambutu since then.

T hey have been making you construct a city around their village, with a population of 4000, and have an account from trading of 700, to make them(the Zambutu) even richer. The pattern designs have already come into effect on your main island and now the Zambutu want this effect on every island in the chain that has tobacco on them. But to achive this goal, you need to destroy the old freind. This has little effect in your emotions, since you are in "the trance". After you have compleated this goal, the Zambutu promise to release you of their command and set you off away from thier islands, so that they may live in peace again. This trance has come as a warning to all others who wish to settle in this island chain.

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