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Spieleranzahl: Eins (kampf)
Größe: 860 KB
Datum: 2006
Schwierigkeit: 3
Ziel: -Stadt mit 5000 Aristokraten errichten
-Blauen Spieler und die Piraten vernichten
-Gesamtbilanz von 10000 Talern erzielen
Bemerkung: Die Zielvorgaben sind hier etwas vereinfacht, für Leute, die nicht so gern gigantische Städte bauen

F oreign invaders have disturbed the peace of your island kingdom. They have taken over all of your cities except the Capitol city of your Empire and were on the verge of taking it when your troops finally defeated the invading army. Most of your beautiful city has been destroyed. What was once a city of 13,800 Aristocrats is now demolished. Your surviving inhabitants reduced to rags, facing the hardships of pioneers as they start to try and rebuild their lives. They have tasted the luxuries of the Aristocracy and will settle for no less and vow to help you return your kingdom to it's former glory complete with a new Cathedral to replace the one destroyed by the enemy. A city of 5,000 Aristocrats would be a good start toward returning the realm to its former glory. Achieving an overall balance of 10,000 gold coins and building a Palace will put a crowning touch to your achievemnts.

E xploiting the demise of your Navy, pirates have returned to your waters to pillage and plunder. Now you will need to rid your island realm of two invading forces to once again bring peace to your people.

A nd, alas, you have discovered that some of your soil has been made useless by the activity of battle upon it. Also, some areas are fertile, but the fertile topsoil is thin from the churning of horses hooves and rutting of cannon wheels, causing it to lose it's ability to produce more than just a short period of time, bringing the need to rotate crops and to clear new ground for planting in the event your crops should begin to fail in certain areas.
Yes the task ahead is formidable, are you man enough to face the odds and come out on top?

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